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Win the SEO Optimization Game

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Powerful SEO - AI Speed

Every SEO specialist eventually finds themselves writing SEO-optimized copy - the problems start when that SEO copywriting eventually takes up all your time and energy, pulling you away from more important things.

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Optimize in a Flash

When SEO writing and optimization start eating away at your schedule, you need a solution that lets you create highly-optimized, eloquent copy in minutes, not hours, and knows how to put the right keywords in just the right places - that’s where Shakespeare comes in!

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Scale Faster with Shakespeare

Less time, money and staff spent on creating SEO-optimized content means more resources available to grow your agency.  Take your team to the next level of SEO content creation with the world’s best AI copywriting software, brought to you by Shakespeare. 

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More Sales, Less Time

Before, it took hours or even days to create all the engaging, SEO-optimized content your agency needs - with Shakespeare, it takes just minutes. It’s like having a world-class SEO copywriter in your back pocket whenever you need it!

Increase your agency’s efficiency and output, keep those clients happy

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Optimize in a Flash

Watch your conversion rates soar as our highly intuitive, human-like AI takes your prompts and turns them into high-converting, SEO-optimized copy, no matter how long or short a piece you need.

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Professional-Quality Copy

Forget the high-priced copywriters - Shakespeare has your back. You no longer need to hire an SEO pro to get highly-optimized, human-sounding SEO copy, not when Shakespeare’s writing your content!

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Turn Your SEO Skills Into SEO Copy

Great at SEO, but not so great at writing? Have no fear - Shakespeare is designed to create word-perfect copy at the touch of a button, no copywriting experience necessary.

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