AI-Powered Targeting
with Pinpoint Precision

A hyper-personalized approach to marketing at scale. Bullseye.


Zero In On Audience Clusters Using Hyper-Tuned AI Models

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Leading with 1st Party Data

By integrating Shakespeare with your ad, CRM, and social accounts, our innovative AI will learn everything there is to know about your audience in an instant. Target current cohorts more effectively and uncover segments you never knew existed. Just. Like. That.

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Historical & Competitor Insights

Our Targeting AI model learns from historical and competitor data, measuring the success of previous campaigns, assessing where the top 1% of competitors in your space are succeeding online, and then determining the best course of action to take on your behalf.

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Honing in on the most granular of details, Shakespeare learns what makes the various sects within your audience tick. Shakespeare uses thousands of data points to generate high-quality, hyper-personal visuals and texts, then places them in front of the right eyeballs at the optimal time.

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Re-Targeting & Optimization

Shakespeare is constantly monitoring performance, making real-time adjustments for optimized results. Where most marketers may take weeks to fully understand the impact of a campaign, Shakespeare becomes immediately aware and auto-corrects accordingly.

Your Days of A/B Testing and Deciphering Data Are Done. It’s Time to Target with Intelligence.

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Billions of Data Points Boiled Down in Seconds.

An overabundance of data can weigh marketing teams down, leaving them overwhelmed, inefficient, and guessing. Shakespeare enhances is able to analyze billions of industry-specific data points in real-time, targeting more effectively than a human ever could.

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Agile Cohort Clustering Across All Platforms

Uncover untapped audience clusters for your campaigns with Shakespeare’s adaptive AI targeting models.

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Capturing Data with Shakespeare’s Proprietary Models

Your keys to marketing prowess lie in the data. Shakespeare constantly scrapes all corners of the web to make better-than-human decisions for campaign targeting.

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Integrate. Automate. Win.

Easy Integrations for Cross-Platform Targeting

Simply connect Shakespeare wherever you do business to enhance targeting in an instant. Manage and maximize your ads across multiple platforms and automate the tasks slowing your marketing team down.

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