Persuade, convert and sell with AI-powered product descriptions

Sell more, write less with AI copywriting software that creates human-like product descriptions to boost sales and reduce bounce rates.


What Kinds of Product Descriptions Can Shakespeare Write?

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Amazon Product Descriptions

Make the most of precious space on your Amazon product pages with perfectly-optimized product descriptions by Shakespeare.

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Shopify Product Descriptions

Rev up your revenue with SEO- optimized product descriptions customized to your unique shop and product line for high conversions and low bounce rates.

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Etsy Product Descriptions

Stand out in the crowded Etsy marketplace with unique, human-like product descriptions from the world’s best AI copywriting software.

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Product Descriptions For Your Website

Create product descriptions so compelling, your customers will never know it’s AI: sell more while doing less with best-in-class AI copywriting.

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Product Descriptions For Social Media

Sell via social and grab buyers before they scroll past eye-catching product descriptions for your social posts and ads.


Why Rely on Shakespeare for Your Product Descriptions?

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Make the Most of a Few Words

Buyer attention spans are short and so are your character limits: make every word count with intuitive product descriptions at the speed of AI.

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Sell More in Less Time

Time is money, and the less time you spend writing product descriptions, the more time you can spend growing revenue. Let Shakespeare’s world-class AI copywriting software take care of your product descriptions in just a few clicks.

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Optimize Beautifully, Scale Up Powerfully

We all know the power of the perfect keyword, and how much they can affect sales: optimize for the right keywords, every time, through Shakespeare’s intuitive AI and watch your sales soar.

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