Human-Like Copy at the Speed of AI

Shakespeare levels up your copywriting to turn days of writing into minutes of work. Copy so human, no one will ever know it’s AI.


Get word-perfect copywriting in seconds

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The Perfect Copy - Effortlessly

Every copywriter knows the struggle: picking the right words, keywords, tone, length and structure to create optimal conversion within a limited character count. Sometimes, writing great copy seems like trying to concoct an impossibly perfect formula that’s always just out of reach.

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Take Back Your Writing Time

No matter how skilled a copywriter you are, the struggle to put the right words in the right places for each piece will always remain; a balance that always need re-balancing. But it’s a frustrating waste of time and money to be constantly A/B testing and writing new copy.

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Scale Your Writing Faster

Whether you’re writing for one brand voice or a dozen, and whether you’re a solo copywriter or a large agency, Shakespeare can accelerate your copywriting game and give you masterful copy, faster, no matter how much copy you need, or how fast you need it.

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World’s Best AI Copywriting

World-class copywriters know how to leverage the right tools to create better copy, faster- that’s where Shakespeare comes in. Write more and better pieces, faster, with the power of an engaging, human-like voice and the speed of AI.


Too much work, not enough time? No problem let Shakespeare handle that for you

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100% Custom Copy

Shakespeare’s industry-leading AI copywriting software weaves together the perfect words to get your point across in your desired tone in just a few clicks - no more editing and revising endless drafts!

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Copy So Human, They’ll Never Know it’s AI

With a natural, human-like voice for all your ads, CTA’s, emails and more, Shakespeare’s AI-powered copy is so persuasive, you’ll wonder how you ever converted without it.

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All Your Copy in a Flash

Just as versatile as you are, Shakespeare can write almost any piece of copy you can imagine, including blogs and articles, social media posts, ad copy, web copy, emails, and more!

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Boss Up Your Business

Level up your writing game by producing more high-quality pieces, faster - scale up to serve more clients or expand your agency with the help of just one power tool.

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