Stop writing papers - start Shakespearing them

The best report is the one you didn’t have to write - just type in a few prompts and let Shakespeare do the rest


Cut Down Study Time

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Don’t be Consumed by Homework

It’s easy to let homework take over your life - seems like there’s always another paper of some kind to write, and each one seems to take longer than the last.

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Make Study Time Chill Time

You want to get the best possible grade from your work - the problem is, there’s only so many hours in a day, and sometimes your writing chops just aren’t up to the task of churning out endless series of reports and papers.

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Take Back Your Life

Spend less time writing and more time on the things that really matter - let Shakespeare take the heavy lifting out of homework time and get back to living life to the fullest.

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Write Awesome Papers In a Flash

No matter how much you have to write, Shakespeare can handle it - just put in a few prompts and watch your mountain of undone schoolwork become a thing of the past. Create word-perfect essays, term papers, book reports and more in just minutes, not hours, and do better work, faster, through the power of AI.

Do you have unfinished writing projects piled up? Shakespeare’s got you covered.

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Unique Text - AI Speed

Think like a human, write like a machine - Shakespeare writes eloquent, natural-sounding pages at the speed of light, so you never have to worry about sounding like a robot

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No Writing Skills Needed

No experience needed - with just a few clicks, Shakespeare can turn your concept or prompt into a full-fledged document, with no training or “learning curve” slowing you down

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No Plagiarism Worries

Completely custom copy - Shakespeare creates 100% unique copy every time you use it, erasing any concerns about copying or duplication. You can even use the built-in plagiarism checker for even greater peace of mind.

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