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What is Alternative Text and Why Is It Important for Images?

As online content continues to grow and evolve, search engines like Google are increasingly looking for better, more reliable ways to identify and rank websites. One way of achieving this is through the use of alternative text tags for images.

Alternative text tags are small pieces of text that accompany an image on a website. They provide a way for search engines to identify and index the image, regardless of how it’s displayed. This means that images with accurate alternative text tags are more likely to be found and ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

What’s SEO Again?

Glad you asked. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for better visibility in Google and other search engines. The use of alternative text tags for images is one of the most effective ways of achieving this. By including accurate alternative text tags, website owners can ensure that their images are properly indexed and rank high in SERPs.

Alternative text tags are a very important part of SEO and image optimization and should be used on all images on a website. By including accurate alternative text tags, website owners can ensure that their images are found and ranked high in search engine results pages.

The Problem with Images That Don't Have Alternative Text

Images are an important part of any web page and are used to convey a message to the viewer. However, if an image does not have alternate text, then it can cause problems for SEO. Alternative text is a text field that is usually provided next to image files on web pages, and is used to provide a description for the image. 

This description can help users understand the image, and can be used to help improve the SEO of the page. Without alternate text, images can be difficult for search engines to figure out and can cause problems when it comes to ranking. By providing alternate text for all images on a web page, users can be sure that their pages are being optimized properly, and that lost traffic is minimal.

How to Create Alternative Text

Whether you’re using WordPress, Wix, or any other content management system for your website, there will always be an option to write alternative text for images and graphics. Anywhere you’re using imagery on your site, you should feature alternative text.

Your alternative text should be one line that describes the image and include SEO keywords that will land your content in the search results of your audience. Every word, every image, and every inch of space on your website counts. Make the most of all of the above to maximize your SEO!

Examples of How Alternative Text Can Be Used Effectively

Alternative text can be used to provide a more accurate and complete image of your content. For example, if a photograph shows a person's smiling face, alternative text could state the person's name, occupation, and other information. 

Alternative text can also be used in place of a photo on a webpage. This text can be used to describe the images or videos that are displayed on the webpage. For example, if there is a video of a product being demonstrated, alternative text could describe what the product is and where it can be bought. 

Alternative text can also be used to describe the layout or design of a webpage. This text can be used to describe the elements on the page and how they are arranged. Alternative text can also be used to describe the content on a webpage. 

Don’t Sleep on the Importance of Alternative Text

Alternative text is incredibly important for your online images! It can help readers more easily understand and use the image, and it can allow for more accurate attribution and use of copyrighted material. 

If you want to maximize the SEO of your website, use alternative text to your advantage and start putting all of your images, graphics, and even designs to work for you. A properly executed SEO strategy can be highly beneficial, and including alternative text with your images is a major part of that.

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