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World-class copywriting without the copywriter - you WISH you could write copy this awesome!


Who is Shakespeare?

Shakespeare is a poet in your pocket, a copywriter in your keyboard, a wordsmith on your screen - in short, Shakespeare is the world’s best AI copywriting software, able to create almost any type of copy you could need in your personal or professional life.

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What Can Shakespeare Do For Me?

From social media content to sales letters, emails to essays, ad copy to Amazon product descriptions, and much more, Shakespeare gives a human voice to all your personal or professional copy with the power of world-class AI. A better question might be, “What can’t Shakespeare do for me?”

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Human-like Copywriting at AI Speed

Shakespeare is AI copywriting so awesome, you’ll wish you could write copy this good. Even for the most nuanced of subjects, Shakespeare’s world-class AI generates human-like copy at the speed of a machine.

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Picks the Perfect Words So You Don’t Have To

Say goodbye to writer’s block, low-converting copy and frustrating hours spent trying to craft the perfect phrase. Shakespeare industry-leading AI just needs a few words and a few clicks to turn your idea into the perfect blog, story, report, email, ad, and more

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Copy So Effective, You’ll Want To Take All the Credit

No one wants to spend hours creating ineffective copy, or spend a bundle on a professional copywriter just to see results. With Shakespeare’s best-in-class AI copywriting software, you get all the results with none of the struggle, and you still get to take all the credit.

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No Experience Needed- Shakespeare Does It All

You don’t have to be a professional copywriter or a coding wizard to use Shakespeare - all it takes is a few words and a few clicks to get word-class, professional-sounding copy for any personal or business need.

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